Posted by: rngerlach | May 31, 2007

Longest Day One Can Remember

Stepping off the train into the overcast, misty air in Stockholm I pause to reflect the 27 hour trip we just embarked on.  My brother and I haven’t slept in over 27 hours but the clock still reads 6:30pm in Sweden.  The day seemed like a sequel to the movie ‘Groundhog Day’ starring Bill Murray.  We got on the plane in SD took a 5 hour flight to NYC, then after stirring it up at the bar in JFK airport with bartender Lisa (whom I had to teach how to make Irish Car Bombs for us), we then hop the next plane to London which totaled 7 grueling hours without sleep over the Atlantic.  The next mission to catch a 90 minute bus ride across London to another Stansted Airport to catch our third flight, which in this point all seemed like deja vu, to Stockholm where we had to catch another 90 minute bus ride to the center of the city where I now reside.

That brings me here where I sit to collect my thoughts which aren’t much of any value right now in my state of exhaustion, dehydration, and delerium.  I’ve never been this out of my element physically, yet so anxious mentally, essentially for the two month journey this continent has in store for us.  The people are so welcoming and beautiful here in Sweden, it feels too good to be true but that’s most likely product of my state of delerium.  I must now go catch the monorail to the hostel to get a good meal and some shut eye. The journey has just begun!



  1. glad to hear you made it safe and sound man… I know after my flight to Amsterdam I was delirious and ready to pass out yet the lure of a new city and new continent kept me going for atleast a few hours.

    Looking forward to more updates man!

  2. Yo buddy! It’s crazy you’re halfway across the world! Glad you and Dana made it safe. I’m sure ya’ll are well rested up and what not, hopefully not jet lagged and passing out in the middle of the day on trains and what not.

    like Josh said, can’t wait for more updates. Be easy son.. soak it up, let it marinate. one

  3. Glad to hear that you made it alright, that flight can be a bear! I cant believe the bartender didn’t know how to make Irish Car Bombs. When I was in Ibeza, I had to teach the bartenders there how to make Jager Bombs. Just remember In Ireland, they don’t know about Irish Car Bombs, well the ones you drink anyways. Look forward to the next set of posts!

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