Posted by: rngerlach | June 3, 2007

Midnight Riders in Copenhagen

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike. Such are the words from the chorus of the hit Queen song, Bicycle. Copenhagen is full of bikers, as a matter of fact there is almost more bicycle traffic than car traffic, imagine that in America- ha what gas prices? Anyways, my brother and I thought it would be a great idea to join the culture here and rent some bikes for 25 Danish Kronos, roughly $5. But first, let me preface this bicycle tale. We start out at dinner in Skan St. Square @ Pussy Galore where we eat a fabulous meal. Thats right, Pussy Galore served up some fabulous dinners. Then we embark on our search for the bike rentals, which took much longer than we expected. As we roam through a beautiful park in the city, we end up running into a mini-Woodstock festival where a hillside of we’ll call the ‘freebirds’ are smoking and drinking. After observing the mini-Woodstock, we finally find two decent bicycles after a couple of heavy beers. There is nothing like riding through Copenhagen, or any foreign city, at midnight drunk when you have lost all cardinal directions. This was the best nightcap of this trip so far but I know there will be many more to come. We might still be out there riding all over the city like we own it had the Police not stopped us for not having lights on our bikes. Why do we need lights? The sun has barely set and it’s midnight.

The people and atmosphere of Copenhagen are much more laid back than in Stockholm. It’s somewhat paradoxical that the people of Stockholm were so at peace and nice yet at the same time more ‘uppity’ and conservative than the liberal people of this city. Take one with the other, Copenhagen is more trashy than Stockholm as graffitti decorates the walls and litter traces the streets. The people of Copenhagen just seemed less pretentious and knew how to just ‘be’.

Tax Those Scandinavians

We also found out why Sweden is so damned expensive. They just built a bridge 5 years ago connecting Sweden to Denmark, which we obviously crossed today. The Swedish Government is trying to pay off the bridge before interest is accrued in a couple years, therefore the taxes have increased more than usual. Can you imagine the American Government raising taxes to pay something off? (Maybe like our record budget deficit). We won’t get into that as that could be a long debate that is all based on how much money you have in your bank.

Two countries down, eleven to go!

Next Stop, Berlin!



  1. HAHA… man i only wish I would have rented a bike while in Amsterdam!! Glad to hear your having a great time and soaking up the different cultures =)

  2. Fun and exciting times. Pussy Galore sounds like a good place to eat. ha ha jk. just don’t get arrested by the po po. have more fun.

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