Posted by: rngerlach | June 3, 2007

Wrap up of Scandinavian Capital

So we have finished out our three days in Stockholm, capital of Scandinavia.  It was a pleasure getting to see the culture and history of this city.  The architecture is unreal with buildings with an array of colors from red to pink to green and of course blue and yellow, the colors of Sweden.  Our favorite parts were the Nobel Museum, Tobacco Museum, Skansen, and Vasa Museum. 

The Nobel Museum is named after Alfred Nobel, you all know the Nobel Prize.  We got to see the history of how it came to be and all of the Nobel Laureates and their accomplishments.  The Tobacco museum showed us the largest cigar in the world, 5.6 meters long and 112 kg, absolutely incredible, imagine puffin on that.  Skansen was the old town of Stockholm which showed the rich history of the Scandinavians with women dancing around in their blue and yellow dresses.  The Vasa Museum showed us the Vasa Ship which is the largest ever built in Scandinavia and was rescued 50 years ago. It sank in 1628 in the Baltic Sea when it was going to attack Poland.  That was the most incredible sight in Stockholm.

Happiness is the Way of Life 

The one thing that stood out about the culture here in Stockholm, besides the blonde hair and blue eyes everywhere, was the absolute joy and happiness shown in all of the people here.  In America, we always talk about the ‘pursuit of happiness’.  In Sweden, they truly live and breathe happiness.  Everywhere we went, people were smiling, laughing, and at peace.  Couples were affectionate towards each other no matter what age.  Now granted maybe its because of the summer season here, would they be this happy in the dead winter of Scandinavia?  Either way it was different to see a culture just so content with life.

Sleepless in Stockholm

Another interesting factor of this being our first stop, especially with jetlag, was the fact that it never gets dark here this time of year.  My brother and I were complaining over who left the light on in the bathroom the first night in our hostel, yet it was just the sun shining through.  Its pretty difficult to sleep in a place where it never gets dark, yet we managed to get enough to keep us from being grumpy travelers. 

Stockholm is the most expensive city on our 2 month trip, so we are glad to be moving south where we can afford the lifestyle.  An average meal was 75-200 Kronos ( 9-20 U.S. dollars).  Needless to say, the partying was not on top of our priorities in Stockholm since we would probably be broke if we had gone clubbing. We’ll save that for Berlin and Prague. Our next stop is Copenhagen for a night following with two nights in Berlin and three nights in Prague.  We must go catch our train to Copenhagen now.  More to come from Berlin!


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