Posted by: rngerlach | June 6, 2007

Life as a Berliner

Three days and nights in Berlin are in the books.  The highlights of this city were the pub crawl and the Fat Tire Bike Tour.  Berlin´s pub crawl is supposedly one of the best in Europe so we tested their reputation and they passed the test with flying colors.  We went to four bars and one club. The  bars ranged from outdoor beach bar atmosphere to posh lounges to underground pubs.  My recollections of the night lack enough clarity to describe online, so please use your imagination of a Berlin pub crawl. We had the pleasure of meeting Australian, Japanese, British, and Canadian travellers on the crawl with us. The Australians took the crown as the most insane `crawlers´. 

The Fat Tire city Bike Tour was absolutely incredible. We covered the most popular 20th century city in 4-5 hours on beach cruisers with the most amazing tour guide, Randell, from Australia.  He works 6 months in Berlin as a tour guide then 6 months in Latin America.  Randell was by far the most humorous individual I´ve ever met and made the tour even more amazing than it already made out to be.  I remember studying 20th century history in high school and some in college.  Berlin´s global presence in that century is unmatched by any other city.  None of it hit me until the tour where we saw the infamous Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie.  After WWII, Berlin and Germany was left to be divided by the Soviets, U.S., British, and France.  Checkpoint Charlie was a street where East Germany and West Germany were split.  The brink of WWIII happened at this point as it is where Soviet tanks and U.S. tanks faced off but never opened fire, had they done so the course of history would have been changed and we might not be enjoying this magnificent city right now.  Ultimately, I recommend that anyone who appreciates history to visit the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie as its aura gave me goosebumps, which is hard to do.  We also got to stand above the bunker in which Adolph Hitler and his mistress spent their last days in 1945 before committing suicide. 

The tour then took us through Tiergarten, which was the most beautiful park I have ever been in. It truly commanded all of my attention and brought me to be fully indulged in its presence.  The tour then ended in the beer gardens where we did what Germans do best, drank the finest Berlin pilsner and ate Bratwurst.  Fortunately, we will also be able to do the Fat Tire bike Tour in Barcelona and Paris.  I can truly say I have a whole new perspective on the city of Berlin and its strange and intense history will hold a new place in my heart forever. 

I would not feel content with this posting if I had not mentioned our hostel.  St. Christophers Inn has been our amazing host in this city they deserve so much thanks.  Their reception desk is placed at the end of a bar, the atmosphere is incredible as it is all young travellers such as ourselves.  Our new best friend Davis, from NYC has shared the hostel experience with us and he deserves much credit for being a great hostel and pub crawl buddy.  Best of luck to him in his travels in Italy.  As for us, we will now try to get some much needed rest before our 5 hour train to Prague.  Next Stop, Czech mate!



  1. yummmmmm. i like this post, filled with the cool refreshing experiences of man and beer sharing in a moment. u are living the dream mang! make sure to grab some contacts in each city, who knows whos gonna visit buenos aires or is from s. america. enjoyable posts bro, too bad i can’t view the pics. safe travels!

  2. Excellent, see why i love Germany so much? If you have time, take the bike tour in Prague, the guy that gives it is an Irish Kid that was raised in Boston, he has the scoop for Prague for sure! Safe travels my friend, I look forward to seeing all the pictures. I am totally enjoying the updates too!

  3. As always another great post man, i give you props Robin, i dont think i have the guts to cruise around those European cities on bikes, after seeing Amsterdam they seem kind of crazy with those two wheeled contraptions.

    Things are going good here man, tell your brother what up!

  4. Not much I can say except I feel like I’m there with you two. Wish I was, but keep up these detailed blog entrys. Pictures can’t tell a story.

  5. keep the updates coming, man. Thats sounds like an amazing trip to bike around Berlin, especially on a Fat Tire tour. It sounds like you’re meeting alot of cool people too.

    Stay safe,


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