Posted by: rngerlach | June 11, 2007

Czech Yourself!

You are a fool!  Well that is only true if you ever make it to Europe and do not visit Prague, Czech Republic.  By far the most unique city we have seen so far with all of the cobblestone roads, and ancient Gothic Architecture.  From the moment we stepped off the train in Praha, we were in for a crazy trip.  It took us quite some time just to find our hostel because maps do not help in Prague, you have to follow your instinct.  Good thing our hostel was in old town Prague where we were in the center of it all. It is the only place on earth beside Las Vegas where there are more people walking the streets at midnight than at noon.  The smell of perfumes and cigarettes permeate in the city all over, mainly perfumes though unless you are in a club.  Charles Bridge which was built in the 900´s is the pearl of the Gothic Age, the sculptures on it were incredible and it must have 1 million tourists visiting it per day.  The Prague Castle overlooks the city and is astonishing when you get there.  One of our favorites was Pietrins Tower which looks like a mini Eiffel Tower and overlooks Prague from the western point of the city.  We climbed to the top of that hill the first day which took a good 45 minutes and it was well worth it when we got to see the beautiful city from above. 

Prague is well known for two things, beer and gorgous women.  Their famous beer is Pilsner Urquell which is a strong but light pilsner that goes for about 30-40CK, ($1-2).  We were on a pilsner frienzy as we could not help but buy at least two or three beers per meal.  Budveis is another one of their famous beers, much better than Budweiser. 

The one thing that stood out from Prague was the beautiful Eastern European Czech women, they were absolutely stunning with their eyes. They look you in the eyes everywhere and it is rude to not look them back in the eyes.  They also walk about 4 miles a day as did we so it is hard for them to keep any significant weight on their bones.  We also found it incredible how they can walk more gracefully down a cobblestone road at 3am than I could in shoes.  You may stop and think I am perverted in writing a whole paragraph about Czech women, but please do me a favor and czech for yourself sometime and you will be forced to agree. 

The nighlife is what also sold us on the city.  First night we went to Monte Ruze which was a sweet little two story bar that really stole my heart with shots of Absinth.  We were hanging out with people from Virginia and Florida at this bar, what a night it was indeed.  The next night, we visited Karlovy Lazne which is a 5-story club next to the river and is the biggest in middle Europe.  The first two floors are Europeano and Discoteca music, 3rd floor is old school music, 4th floor is hip hop, top floor is a posh lounge with couches and bean bags decorating the floors with live jazz.  It seemed all the couples made it to the top floor by the end of the night, its hard not to with bean bags and pillows everywhere.  The clubs in Prague were mind-numbing as you couldnt hear yourself think.  Beat after beat hits the floor and sends vibrations from your feet to your cheeks with smoke and all colored lights filling the room with Europeans jumping around you screaming, one thing you can do just smile nod your head and roll with the vibes.

Prague was the most difficult city to leave thus far on this journey.  We met three different people who were only going to Prague for vacation, but never ended up leaving and just stayed to live there, one from Canada, one from Indiana, and one from London.  In addition, we also met two kids from Vienna on our train ride from Prague to Vienna, (See `Train Ride from Hell´) who were considering leaving Vienna to live in Prague.  Yes you can imagine, my brother and I really wanted to join the club and live in the treasure of a city.  I made a vow that  I would return to Czech Republic, maybe you will join me someday.



  1. damn man, that sounds like an amazing place. I know you were looking forward to this stop on your trip. Damn glad to hear it was everything you thought it would be and more.

  2. I agree, I totally love Praha. Its funny because we got lost looking for our hostel in Praha and the women! thats all i can say about that. I found it pretty cool how the Charles Bridge has been used in alot of Hollywood Blockbusters like Mission Impossible and XXX, I watch those movies just to see the places in Praha I have been! Can’t wait to hear the stories from there….

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