Posted by: rngerlach | June 28, 2007

Fever in Rome, Beauty in Florence!

So we arrived in Rome on Monday June 25th after an overnight ferry ride from Corfu to Brindisi.  Following that, we boarded a 10 hour train to Rome.  Neither of which was I able to employ much rest at  all for my body.  Thus, the first night and only day I spent in Rome was with a high fever.  It hit me that night in our campground bungalow when I was hit with goosebumps, sweating, stiffness, sore throat etc.  Tuesday was our only day in Rome and I was struggling like I haven’t struggled in a long time.  If we were not in Rome, I would have rested all day in my own self pity.  Yet only one day in Rome no time to waste.  We made it to the Colosseum with me stumbling slowly behind my brother like a lost soul.  The two hours spent around and inside the Colosseum seemed as a dream to me I was so out of my element.  Then we walked over to the Forum and saw where Julius Caesar was assassinated and where the orignal senate was held.   At this point I knew I had to separate my concious mind from body in pain in order to enjoy the sights.  This had taken us up to late afternoon after I tried stomaching a pizza margherita which I couldnt finish half of.  Then we stumbled to the Vatican, I had always wanted to see the Sistine Chapel. Yet when we arrived, it was 20 minutes too late as it had already closed.  I didnt know if I should be upset or happy as I did not get to see one of Michelangelo’s most famous works, yet I could finally make it home to sleep.  The whole day was a step by step process as I would be walking for a couple minutes in chills then sweating, then chills then sweating, then the sore throat and headache took hold.  I could not kick the fever for the life of me.  Needless to say, the short time spent in Rome was in a haze not that it seemed all of beauty anyways,  however the Colosseum was awesome in my walking dream.

The next day I woke up after 13 hours of sleep and felt pretty good except the remainder of the sore throat.  We trained it to Firenze, the birthplace of the Rennaissance.  Once again we arrived at our campground which is placed on a terrace overlooking the beautiful Italian City.  By the time I woke up this morning my sickness is all gone but the ten pounds I shed in three days from loss of appetite.  Regaining the strength is my next step.  Florence is a magnificent city, much more beautiful than Rome in my opinion.  We climbed to the top of the Duomo and oversaw the treasure of the Rennaissance.  Our next mission was to see Michelangelo’s other great artwork, the David.  By the time we arrived around 10am, the line wrapped around 2 blocks.  Half way through the line, a father in line behind us from Chicago was greeted by the pigeons above with a huge bird crap.  This pigeon ate well as it got all over Dana and I as well.  How pleasant that is!  Luckily, the family had two kids and had a year supply of shout wipes.  3 Hours later, we entered the Museo Dell’Academia where the David resides.  Wow!  the most beautiful piece of artwork I have ever witnessed in person.  Michelangelo was commissioned to start sculpting the David in 1502 and he completed it in just over three years in 1505.  In our time here in Europe, I have seen many sculptures but none of them are on the same playing field as the David.  Yes it is a sculpture of the naked David after he defeated Goliath.  So please save your homosexual remarks and shed your cultural ignorance until you have the chance to see this incredible artwork.  The detail and intricacy is unrivaled as you can see the veins in the arms and hands, the muscles in the neck, arms and legs.  Everything is proportionate to the body except the feet and hands which are massive which Michelangelo wanted to portray as physical human beauty. 

Our next stop is in Milano tomorrow and Saturday and we will hopefully get to meet up with Tatiana Hulko who has been studying there for the last several months.  Hopefully she can show us a great place to eat and get gelato as we have been budgeting tightly throught Italy in preparation for Switzerland.  We venture to Interlaken for the Swiss Alps on Sunday and look forward to canyoning (natural waterslides in the mountains), hangliding, and enjoying the outdoors of the mountains like we are back in Colorado. 



  1. Glad to hear you broke that fever man, that could have seriously affected the rest of your trip. Rest up my friend, hope you have a great time with Tat!!!

  2. I’m sorry to hear you missed the Vatican, however I am glad to hear that you were able to climb the Dumo in Florence, that has to be one of my most favorite views in Italy. I think the David has to be one of my all time favorite sculptures and is truely a testament to the diligence and creativity that lives in each of us. Get yourself well and I look forward to hearing about Switzerland.

  3. yeah bro, getting sick on a trip is such a drag, but i’m glad to hear u made the most of it. if ya got any airborne, i would take em any time u get on a train or plane, and take some vitamin c daily or every couple of days just to boost ur immune system when traveling.

    the pizza margheritas tho are bomb! say wassup to Tat and Tucker for me! Ciao brother

    p.s. network w/ some cute italianas, u never know, there’s a huge italian pop in argentina!

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