Posted by: rngerlach | June 30, 2007

Recapturing Italian Lifestyle in Milano

I’ll be completely honest, I did not expect much from the city of Milan but the fashion capital of the world. The fashion capital of the world lived up to its name as we saw most of the population walking around during the day as if they were preparing for a night at a posh club. We started by meeting up with our friend Tatiana as she took us to a local Aperitivo, Mas, near her apartment which is a great deal on food and drinks. We bought a huge drink (fishbowl size) and then had the buffet for an hour of some great Italian cuisine. The Milano nightlife awaited as we ventured into the metro to another part of the city to meet up with our other friend from San Diego Anna, who actually used to be our neighbor in the Promenade Mission Valley. We lived up the nightlife until our eyelids got heavy and our stomachs turned enough to know it was time to meet our newest beds in Hotel Diablo.

The last day in the month of June greeted us with a nice rich industrial air full of smog. Tatiana took us to the best parts of this city where we climbed yet another historic church, the Duomo, which was so full of detailed sculptures that I really struggled leaving the vicinity. Until she took us down the street to get some of the best lunch food in Italy at Luini’s in the shopping district where we ate Panzerottis, which if introduced in America could make millions for that special individual. Then we ventured the shopping district where I tested my discipline in spending money as we saw some of the best shirts, pants, shoes, and all designers in this trendy location of Europe. Our final night in Milan and Italy in general called for a great dinner with the best pasta e vino. Da Willy was the gracious local ristorante that provided us the best plate of Italian food and vino to top off Italia. Yet this was not about the food, we witnessed something special you can’t get in America. As we sat in the nice ristorante, we sipped our beautiful red house wine with candor. Then we saw a group of four young (10-12yrs old) girls come in and engage in a meal full of pizzas. The four girls acted as if they were ten years elder, yet with such a blissful youth that you would never witness in America. I can never recall being in a nice restaurant in America where four young children sat in our presence in such a polite manner, by themselves with little to no parental supervision needed. It must be a societal difference. How could the parents in America even imagine letting their children venture off on their own to engage in a rich meal without acting their supposed age. Perhaps it is because most parents in our luxurious society treat their children as only ‘children’ who can’t function on their own, instead of people like us who will need to grow up someday soon. This took me by such awe how we witnessed four very young children act more maturely in public than some 20 year old people back in the states. Long live America!

In review, Italy posed many difficult challenges for us, especially southern Italy. From what we witnessed, the further north in Italy you travel, the better off you are. I was almost pick-pocketed in Napoli, Southern Italy but you really have to have your guard up anywhere in Europe, especially in Southern Italy where kids make their living off of naive tourists. The Italian language was very rhythmic. Where witnessing two people engaging in a good conversation is almost as if they are serenading each other. Every other syllable is a rise in tone and it makes for a beautiful sounding language, which may make up for their cocky attitude. Italians are also very much about clothing and jewelry. We just so happened to hit Milan on the week of Male Fashion Week. Imagine being a backpacker with limited clothes in a place where fashion is the number one priority, its pretty comical.

Either way, we leave Italy with a greater appreciation for their food and their great language. We thank Tatiana for being such a great hostess for us. I only hope Mikey and I can return the favor for her shall she ever visit Buenos Aires in the next year as she promised to. We’ll be great hosts for anyone willing to visit right Mikey? Viva Argentina! Well, life is good in Europe as we get ready to board yet another train, headed for Switzerland tomorrow to live the high life in the Alps. I truly am starting to believe that trains are my new home. I find comfort and confide in them, call me weird if you must but they have finally found a way into my heart after so many trips in five weeks. Thus the beauty of the rapid rate of travel.

See you in the Alps!

Ciao ci vediamo presto!!



  1. Im glad to hear you caught up with Tatiana! Milan looks like an amazing place for sure after seeing all of Tat’s pictures. Sounds like you had a great time man, have fun and be safe in the Alps!!

  2. I totally gotta agree with you man, those sexy italian accents combined with the beauty of the classic italian woman… is pretty much irresistable!

    Sounds like you had a lot of pasta huh? And of course we will take great care of Tat and anyone else that “says” they are coming to visit! … except Tat will probablly be able to speak Spanish better than us! haha.

    Have fun in the ALPs yo, and make sure u make it to Pamplona for the opening ceremony of San Fermin Festival! Just like the movie “Americano” that we saw on a Bohemian Night! Find that cutie Española! Cuidadate durante la corrida de los torros! chau!

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