Posted by: rngerlach | July 6, 2007

Swiss Tales Volume II

One day you live like kings, the next you are in the gutter. That is one sentence that can summarize this Euro tour 2007.  Last night I was enjoying great conversations with Samantha from Maryland at our cabin resort hostel in Interlaken.  Talking about the ups and downs of travelling, yet not expecting we would hit another downer today.  Our train to Barcelona was en route to connect in Geneve, Switzerland.  Reservations were to be made for the train from Geneve to Barcelona.  Surprise!  Both trains going to Barcelona today are fully booked and reserved both 1st and 2nd class.  So our next step was to go to the airport to try and find a cheap flight to Barcelona.  “One Sousand Ninety Eight Francs” the French speaking clerk mutters at the airport.  Yeah that is not in our budget, looks like we are staying a night in Geneve. Even more frustrating is the fact that we are paying for our hostel in Barcelona tonight since we could not cancel at least 24 hours ahead of time. 

We then did what we do best and walk aimlessly in the European city with our packs on.  There are two hostels in the city of Geneve.  It gets better, they are both booked for the night.  Our only other option was to look for hotels which the cheapest hotels go for at least 100 Francs (85 US dollars).  Not in the budget either since we are already paying for a hostel in Spain that we should have arrived at last night.  So you got it, we are staying the night here in the Geneve train station.  The veins still cold from the icy river water and body still sore from a day of canyoning in the cold rain.  My only mind escape at this point is the recollection of my canyon jump just two days ago.  We now sit here in the internet cafe of the train station after seeing all there is to see in Geneve, waiting for our comfortable bed time on the sexy ground here in the station.  Departure time for our train tomorrow is 7am which will not arrive in Barcelona until 9pm. 

Life is sweet, sometimes bitter sweet, but sweet nonetheless!

Sleep Tight…..



  1. Travel easy man, Barcelona will be worth the day long train ride!!!

  2. Yo Mang! How sweet will the rest of the trip be after this night!?! You’re trip has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs but like u said, it’s sweet nonetheless! I think a good picture to envision in your mind in times of distress such as this is a nice, peaceful, and very enjoyable city.. called AMSTERDAM! have fun in Barca.. don’t forget to stop by the Sex Museum!

  3. Its pretty crazy how that jump works as such an escape.

  4. stronger because of it

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