Posted by: rngerlach | July 13, 2007

Laid Back Life in Barcelona

Barcelona is well known for its beautiful architecture, tapas bars, discotecas, and the beautiful beaches.  We were lucky enough to experience a little of all Barcelona has to offer.  Let me first begin with the architecture.  For anyone who does not know who Antoni Gaudi is, I suggest you Google him and check out his architecture.  Much of Barcelona´s beautiful and unique element is under the influence of Gaudi.  He is one of the most original and creative architects in my opinion after this visit to this city.  I have never witnessed any work like this before.  We started at Parc Guell which is a sight overlooking Barcelona, quite a panoramic it was.  Then we walked down 50 meters to Gaudi Parc and El Musei de Gaudi which shows the house he lived in and the park he built. He not only built his own house but his own furniture and everything that the house encompasses.  Gaudi Parc displays just some of his unique style.  His architecture all flows and has no sharp edges, it is all rounded and almost appears as if the building is made of liquid.  The roofs of his buildings are all topped with fruitful colors that look like scales of a reptile.  Supposedly, he was very into nature and his architecture illustrates just that.  Our second day in Bacelona, we toured the church he designed, La Segrada Familia, which like every other historically significant building in Europe we have witnessed was surrounded by scaffolding from the continuous construction.  As I stated earlier, I recommend anyone who knows nothing or little of Antoni Gaudi to research the work he has done, or better yet visit Barcelona to witness it personally.

We captured the incredible food and culture of Spain in Barcelona by visiting some great tapas bars, drinking sangria, and listening to beautiful Spanish flamenco music.  For anyone who ever visits Spain, it is a must to order Paella, which is a seafood dish with rice and silantro. The heart of Spanish food lies in tapas, paella, and sangria.  The Spanish nightlife begins around 11pm and goes until the sun comes up.  Our hostel was just two blocks from Placa Catalunya and Las Ramblas where many of the bars and discotecas are located so we were delighted to many late night discotecas, tapas bars, and enough sangria to last me a lifetime. The beach life in Spain was also a trip.  Everywhere you look, topless women, every heterosexual man´s dream. After two days being spent at the beaches in Barcelona, it felt weird to see women with the top half of the bikini on.  Bars are lined up on the beach about every 200 meters blasting everything from Bob Marley to Spanish techno out of the large outdoor speakers.  Life on the beach in Barcelona consisted of many topless women, hearing the funky vibes of techno beating from behind while staring out at the beautiful Mediterranen water flow peacefully to the shore.

Before we took this journey, I liked the Italian culture and food more than that of Spain.  However, this trip has been incredibly eye-opening and I now must admit that the Italian culture pales in comparison to the Spanish. Of course it is all subjective to my opinion from a week spent in each country.  Only three more countries to visit and I feel that we have done all of the extreme activities we can do in a lifetime in the last six weeks; cliff jumpin in batcaves, canyoning, canyon jumping, and running with bulls.  It is now time to use the last leg of this trip through Paris, Amsterdam, and Belgium as some relaxation, reflection, and soaking up every last minute of this continent.



  1. what up (from BJ & Josh)

    man, another great entry.. your post really made me feel compelled to visit Spain one day. Glad to hear it was an amazing time!! Have a great time in Paris and Amsterdam of course!!!

    Tell Dana what up – hope your both having a good time!

  2. Yeah hope you’re not too disappointed when u get back to the beaches here at home and everyone’s wearing clothes! But u know what…. we’ll look, we’ll look really hard and hopefully we’ll find a topless beach someday… someday. haha.

    That last leg of the trip should be fun! Hit up my roommate Loan or Stephanie Kovar in Paris, they’ll show u a good time out there for sure! Enjoy the delicious beers of Belgium, and smoke a lil somethin somethin for me while ur in Amsterdam. Peace out playa!

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